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* In 1 out of 10 cases, persons who are scanned using the Biomagnetic Pair technique might exhibit a mild form of healing crisis within 24 to 48 hours after the scan. These usually consist of mild symptoms related to detoxification including, increased urge to urinate, low-grade fever not surpassing the 99.5 F, sweating,  and weakness. 

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 The ​​Fascia is a soft connective tissue that forms a three dimensional web around every muscle, nerve, artery, vein, bone and organ in the body. The Fascia is the largest sensory organ in the body.  

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​​​​​Biomagnetism facilitates healing by balancing energy via the body's magnetic fields, eradicating pathogenic microorganisms by prompting proper immune response thus restoring physical health.

 Biomagnetism is an integrative resonance tool whose aim is to work cooperatively with other techniques and treatments towards the common goal of improving client health and overall quality of life.

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The Bowen Technique  short for Bowtech, was founded in Australia by a man named Tom Bowen.  This technique  gently stretches, and manipulates the fascia of the body.  

When the fascia is  becomes or tangled or scarred, the body experiences pain and dysfunction.   Once the tangled web is released utilizing  a gentle stretch and roll technique, the body is able to heal itself.

When the web of fascia de-tangles the body can adsorb nutrients, oxygen , and toxins are flushed away.

Bowen improves overall health by increasing circulation to the tissue, muscles and the  lymphatic system , thus allowing the body to re-adjust to its natural state of well-being.