​ Anita Fowler
 Bowenwork /BioMagnetic Practitioner


Energy Medicine Choices

  • Bowenwork (Neuro-Muscular)
  •  Emotion Code
  • Reiki / Arcing Light 
  • Goiz Biomagnetic Balance 
  • Distribuitor of
  •     Wellness Pro frequency device
              Pulsed Electromagnetic Field                         Generator-100
Educator:  Tennant Biomodulator

  • Premier Research Lab
  • Curador Nutrition

End the Pain..... Regain your Health

Alternative Wellness Center


Wellness Center

302 N. Willis, Suite 8

​Abilene, Texas 79603


After a 30 year nursing career, I found myself sick with a challenging, unidentified ailment known as Chronic Lymes' Disease.  This condition prompted my intensive study of natural, alternative therapies that allowed me to regain my health and vitality.  Now my passion is to assist others in obtaining and enjoying a a pain free healthy life. 

In my practice, I discovered many ways to assist the body in finding balance  within the electro-magnetic field of the body.  The Bowen Technique (Bowtech), Magnets Pair Therapy, Removing trapped emotions, Detoxification , Exercise, Hydration mineralization, all of these work toward achieving optimal health.

The most recent healing tools I find helpful is the Goiz Biomagnetic Pair.  This simple non-invasive technique uses a pair of magnets to decrease inflammation, pain, and tissue dysfunction.

Now as a Holistic practitioner I am able to help others on their journey toward health and balance. 

The question is "Is what you are doing, working?

Henry Ford stated, "If you think you can or you think can't you are right!"

"With my first Bowen session, I lay on the comfy table wondering what just happened?  I had experienced a profound state of relaxation, which massage nor mind altering drugs.. failed to achieve. "                                   Anita Fowler, RN