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Anita Fowler

RN, Bowen/Biomagnetic Practitioner

Tennant Biomodulator 
Energy Assessment & Essential oils
The Tennant Biomodulator measures the energy circuits of the body. When the voltage is low, we hurt and find it difficult to move and function. Voltage is delivered into the tissue to ease the pain and stiffness.

Essential oils are like software added to a computer. By applying oils on specific meridian points the body is given the software to function and make new cells. Call Anita for an  energy assessment.  More information found at    www.tennantinstitute.com
Reiki & Arcing Light Healing Energy
Energy healing is a bit like a peaceful meditation.  It allows  sluggish energy to be cleared and infused with positive, light energy. The recipient of Arcing Light and Reiki usually feels a great deal of peace and comfort. This form of therapy allows the body to rest, heal, and rebalance.  Additional, it allows your mind to rest from the worries of the day and attend to deeper goals and dreams.  

We have become a left brain dominant society (analytical for we question everything that we can't visible see),... and it takes relaxing and nuturing to shut off that left brain and allow the right brain to come in.... to a more balanced state.  


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Stress Reduction 

The emotion code is a therapeutic system that enables the mind to release thoughts and emotions that we repeat over and over.

The energy of our body will follow thoughts and emotions, and when distorted it causes pain, malfunction, stress and disease.

The Emotion Code provides simple and easy, yet very effective, way to identify emotional baggage and release it, relieving stress, thus restoring health.   

This technique was discovered by Dr. Bradley Nelson www.drbradleynelson.com



Wellness Pro Bio-Electrotherapy

Micro-current, a non-invasive pain relief medical device. Free demonstration to purchase for your own home or clinic. Call for complimentary demonstration.